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Cake Transportation Guidelines

Picking up your cake does not have to be a stressful event, especially if this is the first cake you will ever transport. Here are some tips to help your pick up go as smoothly as possible:

  • Cakes will be chilled prior to pick up/delivery for stability and ease-of- carry. Please bring to room temperature prior to consuming. 

  • Signature one-tier cakes will be packaged in cardboard boxes with window lid and sealed in saran to maintain cleanliness. 


  • Due to their height, tall one to two-tiered tall cakes may be packaged in cardboard boxes with an adapted lld and wrapped with saran.

  • If you are picking up a three to four-tiered cake, you may want to bring a friend for assistance. Multi-tiered cakes can be surprisingly heavy, and can be awkward to carry and place in a car by yourself. When in doubt we recommend bringing backup.

  • Be sure to hold and carry the cake box securely, holding it from the bottom and not the sides. Never from the sides. 

  • Avoid tilting or jostling the box. This may be difficult when driving as road conditions and fellow drivers may make this difficult. 

  • Cakes require a clean and clear space for transport. If pets are regular passengers in your car please be sure your car is vacuumed prior to pick up. Although the cake boxes are sealed the last thing you want is a rouge ninja pet hair in your cake. 

  • Be sure to place the cake box on a completely flat area of your car. Placing cakes on an uneven surface, such as a lap, or uneven car seat may affect the stability and internal structure of the cake which could result in irreparable damage.

  • Cakes require a cool environment during transportation and storing. On hot days it is vital that your mode of transportation be equipped with a working air-conditioning system which should be turned on in advance of pickup. 

  • If  you are picking up a cake in the winter time please make sure  that it is not placed near an air vent with hot air blasting. 

  • Cake should not be left in the car for any extended period of time in direct sunlight or without having the air on -  Butter and heat, not a happy combination.


  • Most importantly - Please drive carefully! We always recommend driving with care, but it’s especially important when a cake is involved. Remember no sharp turns and no slamming on the brakes.

  • When in doubt, bring a friend even if it is just for emotional support..

We are extremely confident in the structure of our cakes, but once your cake leaves the studio, Petit Cali is not responsible for any damages that may occur. If you have any questions about transporting your cake, please ask!

If you have concerns about personally transporting your cake, please contact us to discuss adding delivery service to your order.

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