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GOOP! Quick Pan Release Recipe

Since inhaling vegetable spray one too many times is not my idea of a good time I finally decided to use my Pintrest account to good use and actually try a pin i saved a while back to my "well whaddaya know" folder. It was a recipe for GOOP. What is Goop you ask? Well, it's essentially a homemade pan release concoction that can be added to your baking arsenal.

The results? Tried it, love it, keeping it!

The recipe cannot be any easier. All you need are three ingredients, mix equal parts flour, canola oil and shortening (I used Crisco). Mix well by hand or with a hand held mixer and store in an airtight container up to four to five months. Really can't get any simplest than that folks!

So far I've used this concoction on a multitude of recipes including very thin and thick batter with great success. I've even let my cake cool completely in the pan and they still released without fine. Just run a knife around the edge and the cake was good to go. I've read a few reviews that say its better to remove cakes from the oven and invert them on a cooling rack within fifteen minutes as the cakes tend to stick when allowed to cool at room temperature. I have yet to encounter this problem.

Use GOOP right out of the fridge and when not in use pop it in back in the fridge and don't be afraid to slather your pan, be generous with the GOOP your cakes will appreciate it.

Hope you give this recipe a try and feel free to let me know how and if it works for you.
1 Cup Flour
1 Cup Canola Oil
1 Cup Shortening - I used Crisco
Mix well and store in airtight container.

Happy gooping,



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