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Confession of an 80's Kid

If you are among the rare breed of peeps that can solve a Rubik’s Cube, I bow down to your greatness. Most often than not I reached frustration level one billion and needed a time out. I was the kid that always cheated by pealing off the stickers and re-applying them in order. That is my shame I’m afraid but I regret nothing!

I wish I had taken progress shots of this cake for you but I was in a time crunch, maybe I’ll remember the next time.

This was a 5’ square chocolate and vanilla cake frosted in buttercream and then covered using the paneling method. “Paneling” is a technique that is used to cover any cake shape using chilled fondant panels as opposed to the traditional draping method.


✅ Satin Ice Back Fondant

✅ Ameri-Color Gel Colors (Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, Orange, White)

🚫Psst I missed the white squares** Shhhh don't tell the diehard cubers out there! Lets just pretend they are all on the bottom ;)

✅ Rolling Pin

✅ Fondant Smoothers

✅ Sharp knife or X-acto

✅ Ruler - to assist with straight edges

✅ Ateco Square cutters

✅ Cake Boards

✅ Paint Brush

✅ Edible Glue

Remember if your life is dependent on me solving a scrambled cube, you are in trouble!



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