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QUICK TIP TUTORIAL: Securing frayed ribbon edges.

Whether wrapping a gift or putting the finishing touches on a cake board, nothing takes away from the overall product than a ribbing that is fraying.

Ribbons, either synthetic and natural fabric, tend to fray and separate at the edges when cut. Yes! Even with the use of the sharpest of scissors.

Not to worry, it's possible to extend the life of your ribbon by simply applying heat to the edges. Here's how:

Make sure that the ribbon you are using is synthetic. Why? Because most satin and grosgrain ribbons, sold at craft stores like Michael's and Jo-Ann's, are synthetic.

After you've measured the lenght of ribbon needed cut with sharp fabric ribbon to ensure the cut is as clean adn straight as possible.

You will need a butane lighter (just easier) for the next step and pretty please make sure that your finger is at a safe distance from the flame!

Holding the edge of the ribbon between the thumb and forefinger run the edge of the ribbon back and forth close to the flame, but not in it, to seal the edge of the ribbon. This just takes a few seconds.

Happy crafting!



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