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QUICK TIP TUTORIAL: How to make a cornstarch dusting puff.

In this tutorial I will show you how to make a cornstarch or powdered dusting puff. I prefer using cornstarch over powdered sugar because the humidity level is sometimes high in my kitchen and the powdered sugar often makes my fondant sticky. Feel free to use whatever works best for you.


1. Unused and washed tights or stockings. You may also use a wash cloth or dish towel, preferably something with a fine mesh and let me stress the word "UNUSED".

2. Cornstarch

3. Scissors

4. Cup or Glass

5. Elastic Bands (Optional)


1. If using tights, like I am, first thing you will need to do is tie a know at one end and leave the other side open.

2. Get a glass or cup and place the stockings over it to make the tights easier to fill.

3. Fill pouch with cornstarch - Don't overfill.

4. Secure the top end in a knot or you can also use an elastic band. now have a puff! Click HERE for a quick view.


To keep my pouch dust free and sanitary I popped it in to a airtight container for clean and easy storage.

Hope this helps and happy caking my lovelies!



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