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Easy Cake Topper

TUTORIAL ALERT: You know what they say, a girl and her glue gun are never bored! So if you're not that great at making edible toppers (which I am sooo not) I found a great way to cheat like you can!

🚫Note this is not edible🚫


✅ Lolly Sticks, skewers or Straws should work.

✅ Design Template ( I think fatter numbers look better)

✅ Sprinkles (you can also use Glitter)

✅ Glue gun➕Sticks

✅ Time: 10-15 minutes


1⃣Fire up your glue gun

2⃣print out your numbered template

3⃣cover template in parchment paper or you can free hand on a non-stick surface if you wish(you just want to be able to easily lift off the topper).

4⃣ lay down your stick of choice with a bead of glue over template

5⃣ working in small parts, trace template with hot glue

6⃣ use a toothpick to move glue around if it helps lessen clumping (speed is a factor here).

7⃣ Dump sprinkles over glue and gently press sprinkles into hot glue-work quickly before it sets hard

🔴 If you have a volcano grade glue gun pretty please be careful that sucker it HOT🔥

8⃣ keep gluing and sprinkling till you get to your stick, lay extra glue around this area just to make sure it is solidly attached.

9⃣ when set, and if you're satisfied with the overall coverage, flip to the other side and repeat.

1⃣0⃣ use a small scissors to trim any exposed glue or re-glue and add more sprinkles- try not to degrade the shape of the number or it will just look like a blob of sprinkles!

That's it! You're DONE. Hope that was helpful 😊


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